There is so much I could say about working with this firm. There was a personal aspect with the entire firm that made pursuing such an emotionally difficult case a little easier. Since my family and I live in Michigan and my late husband’s medical care was in Chicago, I needed representation in Illinois and was referred to Beutel Hurst Boleky LLC. The first attorney I met with was Dr. Beutel, who made arrangements to meet me in Michigan. Down the road, there was a particularly special moment with him I’ll always remember: when my daughters and I went to Chicago for our depositions, Dr. Beutel came over to talk to us and, with a tear in his eye, assured us he was going to see our case through. My daughters remember it, too; it was an emotional day for us and it meant a lot to see that our attorneys genuinely cared that much. The support staff was always caring and helpful, as well, so I always felt I could reach out to the firm. There were several times that I called in with a question and the office manager would be able to give me an answer or I would be able to speak with one of the lawyers right away. I remember being nervous when I learned my case was scheduled for trial. I called in and talked to one of the support staff; she eased my worries, reassured me the attorneys would make sure I was well-prepared, and shortly afterwards, Tom called me back to speak with me directly about it. It turned out, in the days leading up to the trial, the attorneys were able to negotiate a favorable settlement. As Tom said, it won’t bring him back but it has helped my family to move forward. The settlement money afforded me to pay off my home, for my one daughter to pay off her bills and will afford my other daughter to go to grad school, which she feels would’ve made her dad very happy. One of them said, “you know, mom, we haven’t taken a vacation since dad passed” so it may be time to do so.
– Linda
I first met Tom years ago when he was with Corboy & Demetrio and represented my wife. Then, when I needed a lawyer, we sought out Tom at his new firm because of the positive experience we had previously had with him on my wife’s case. It started out that he was our lawyer but he became a friend. He always showed concern for us. In both of our cases, he kept us updated with what he was doing or planning to do every step of the way and handled everything professionally. We were very pleased with everything and grateful for the positive outcomes he obtained on our behalves.
– Jack
There are a lot of great adjectives I could use to describe the lawyers at Beutel Hurst Boleky LLC: passionate, knowledgeable, empathetic… I couldn’t have chosen better partners, who I’ve come to refer to as “my superheroes”, to represent me. I always felt that I was part of a team and was comfortable working with all three lawyers. I had never given a deposition or appeared before a judge until doing so for my case but, no matter the proceeding, I never felt alone and always felt well-prepared by my attorneys. I admire this small firm for their willingness and fearlessness to go up against a large hospital and corporation and for never giving up. At the conclusion of my case, the settlement obtained on my behalf made me feel that I had received the justice I was seeking and allowed me to afford the surgeries I need to improve my condition and return to my career in sales. I hope and believe the defendant hospital will look more closely at this department and have stronger warnings regarding the risks involved with these kinds of procedures, and that the doctor will be more careful and acquire more adequate training before performing future procedures, as a result of my lawyers’ efforts in bringing my case to a successful resolution.
– Lynda